Easy Veggie Pasta For Toddlers

Three words for busy parents:

Don’t cook.



What: A simple method for customizable veggie pasta for your toddler.

When: Whenever you’ve got spare vegetable ingredients, simply chop them small and store them in the fridge in handy little containers.  You can add your favorite pantry or frozen veggie items when you’re ready to serve.

Why: It’s a fact that the less you heat veggies, the more of their all-important nutrients are preserved. Assembling meals with pre-prepped raw and (healthily) canned components means you’re always just minutes away from creating a custom dish. Just add the pre-cooked pasta of your choice (choose kid-friendly shapes like orzo or macaroni). You’ll also never waste odd amounts of leftovers again!

How: Our secret weapon – a little melted, salted butter poured over your pasta knits all the flavors together making it irresistible to kids.

Easy Veggie Pasta For Toddlers


Minced Raw Zucchini (peeled first)

Minced Tomatoes

Canned Beans (choose BPA-free brands such as Westbrae)

Minced Fresh Baby Spinach (we like Earthbound Farms Organic – it’s pre-washed)

Cooked Pasta of your choice

1 pat of melted, Salted Organic Butter, per serving


Combine all the above ingredients and stir in melted butter. Serve right away!

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