Magic Pancakes – 3 Ingredient Breakfast

What: The easiest Pancakes you’ll ever make, in personal, kid-sized batches.
When: When you’ve got ripe or overripe Bananas or just feel like making your little one the simplest and most delicious breakfast ever.
Why: While I am generally skeptical of any recipe that uses the word “magic” in its title, I thought the deliciously light breakfast you see below was deserving of such a designation. With just one more ingredient than it takes to make a humdrum bowl of cereal, you too can have Magic Pancakes. Trust me, you’re not going to believe how well these work.

Easiest Pancakes You’ll Ever Make, and healthier too! Photo: NK

How: Banana is the secret ingredient giving this light as air pancake it’s heft without adding heaviness from extra carbs. Something tells me you’ll be stealing these off your toddler’s plate. You can blend the three ingredients together in no-time flat and you’ll have one batch of just enough for 1/5-2 toddler servings or one modest adult-sized breakfast nosh.

Make Magic Pancakes if:

You love an easy 3-ingredient breakfast perfect for 1 but easily multiplied for a family
You like the idea of a lower carb (thanks to less Flour) pillowy-light, fluffy pancake
You’ve got nice ripe or even overripe Bananas that would otherwise go to waste (even slightly underripe Bananas will work).

You’ll be a believer too. Enjoy!

Magic 3 Ingredient Pancakes 
Per serving (about 3 four-inch pancakes)


1 medium to large mashed Banana, 
2 tablespoons any kind of Flour (regular, whole wheat, coconut or other gluten free types, etc), 
1 lightly beaten Egg. 
(Optional Butter or light Cooking Spray)

Mash Banana in a bowl, add beaten Egg and Flour. Blend – this can remain a little lumpy and it will still turn out fine. 

Pour batter onto a hot skillet (you can lightly butter or spray it if you prefer) and flip carefully when Pancakes begin to get golden. Finish and serve.

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